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Frans A.M. Nijnens

Interested in business opportunities in Asia?

The Asia-Pacific region consists of many countries with a total population of approx. 3 billion inhabitants or half of the world population. The potential for economic growth is enormous, as a result of increasing purchasing power and a growing middle class.

When considering export to or investment in Asia, however, much can go wrong, because of the entirely different cultures and business attitudes. Business is usually still conducted on the basis of personal relationships and a wrong start may have a long-lasting negative effect on that fragile relationship and developing trust.

Brands & Scents Consultants have a long experience in the developing as well as developed Asian countries and in Australasia. Frans A.M. Nijnens, as Managing Director, has approx. 15 years of expertise in the Asia-Pacific region, opening new markets, establishing wholly-owned and joint-venture companies and developing markets with the large Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies of the world. Brands and Scents Consultants are surrounded by their Global Network Consultants, all recognized experts in their fields of activity.

Services offered:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Consumer insight
  • Training and counselling on Asian culture and business ethics
  • Establishment of wholly-owned or joint-venture companies
  • Hiring, training and counselling of staff
  • (Interim) management