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Frans A.M. Nijnens

Fragrance, Flavour and Ingredients industry

The founder of Brands & Scents Consultants, Frans A.M. Nijnens, has been in the Flavour and Fragrance business for 28 years, most of those years as a Vice President in charge of developing areas or business activities, such as resp. Eastern Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Global Private Label Business Development.

The focus of the top-5 Flavour and Fragrance houses on the leading FMC companies in the world leaves room for medium-sized and smaller fragrance and flavour houses. With a proper strategy they secure a very interesting segment of the large flavour and fragrance market, offering a service that the larger companies are unable or unwilling to offer.

Brands & Scents Consultants and its team of Global Network Consultants have the expertise and time to put you on the right track fast and provide you with data to support your possible investments in new markets.