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Frans A.M. Nijnens

Brief Resume Frans A.M. Nijnens

Born in 1947
Study at Nyenrode (NIB) International Business School
Military Service Lieutenant
Employers resp. Eurolicht, PFW (Hercules) and International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

2005 - Now
Established PT Creative Branding Indonesia with Kartini Umbas as co-shareholder, which is specialized in the creation of tailor-made fragrances for signature branding in colognes, air care, hair care, personal care, soaps and cleaners. Since a few years we also trade in tailor-made flavours, mostly natural flavours, for foods, drinks, bakery, dairy, confectionery etc. Our customers are mostly based in Indonesia, but more and more abroad. The company recently moved to a new facility with state of the art laboratories and large inventories of flavours and fragrances.

2003- Now
Owner of Brands & Scents Consultants, advisors to fragrance companies and to European companies wishing to acquire Asian businesses, mostly in fast-moving consumer goods. Furthermore, Brands & Scents Consultants act as an active intermediate between fragrance and flavour houses and distributors in Thailand and Malaysia.

Vice President Global Private Label Business Unit
Established credibility with most of the world's leading retailers
Proved that Quality and Innovation are the future of Private Label
Put his company on the map as experts in Private Label
Built networks to facilitate adequate service with minimal staffing

Based in resp. Indonesia and Singapore
Managed a regional network of 12 companies in 11 countries with 900 employees as a very profitable business
Established wholly-owned and joint-venture companies and built factories and creative centers in the area
Hired, trained and kept the best sales and creative teams in the industry in Asia
Responsible for a healthy mix of local and multinational customers
Year on year consistent sales growth, resulting in the highest regional market share in the industry
Successful trouble-shooting in times of crises

Initially responsible for European flavour and fragrance marketing, but most of this period in charge of Eastern Europe
Started sales organizations from scratch, but also actively selling flavours, fragrances and ingredients
Sourcing of strategic raw materials
Barter trade
Supervision of joint-venture and cooperation agreements

Export manager for tailor-made technical industrial goods

Key abilities and attitude
Very international manager
Excellent Team builder
Speaks 7 languages
Understands most cultures and business attitudes in the world
Leading by example
Fast - reliable - dependable
7 Days - 24 hours attitude





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Frans A.M. Nijnens